Lucas Jenkins

Who Is Lucas Jenkins?

Hi there, my name is Lucas Jenkins and I’m a passionate espresso lover. I come from an Italian American family, where I was first exposed to the flavors and aromas of espresso at a very young age – and it just blew me away!

I wanted to learn more about the craft of espresso-making and the different kinds of beans that were used to make these aromatic beverages, so I decided to move to Italy in order to become a barista. During my five years there, I dedicated my time to mastering espresso-making techniques, along with various types of beans, grinds, and milk foaming techniques.

After returning home with lots of knowledge and experience under my belt, I’ve been able to create unique takes on traditional Italian-style espresso drinks. From lattes with original flavor blends to cappuccinos topped with freshly roasted ingredients – I strive each day to craft exquisite espresso drinks that can satisfy everyone’s taste buds. No matter if you like light or dark roasts, classic cups or creative mixtures – I have something for every espresso lover!

My website mission is to provide a platform for espresso-lovers of all levels to explore the science, culture, and flavors behind espresso. From baristas just starting out to seasoned espresso professionals. I’m committed to providing quality resources and original flavor recipes so that everyone can take their coffee-making skills to the next level!