My Thing for Coffee

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Cheri, and, as you might have guessed, I’ve got a thing for coffee.

But not just for the brew itself.

I love the whole coffee experience: the aroma, the brewing, the savoring on slow mornings, the sharing with friends.

It All Started with That Coffee Smell

When I was a little girl, I remember waking to the smell of coffee drifting upstairs to my bedroom. Back then, my mom percolated the coffee on the stove in an old metal pot. The aroma filled the house.

Of course I didn’t drink coffee at that age, but I came to equate the smell of coffee with warmth and comfort. If the coffee was brewing downstairs, it meant my parents were there and all was well with the world.

All the possibilities of a new day waited just beyond the coffee cup.

From Free Coffee to Better Brews

I started drinking coffee regularly at my first job after college. The coffee was free, and, not yet knowing any better, I thought it was pretty good. Sweetened with a little sugar and lightened with some powdered creamer, each cup was a nice workplace perk (pun intended). Getting a refill was a great excuse to get up from the desk and chat with co-workers, too.

Once I started making my own coffee at home, I quickly realized that all coffee is not created equal. I began trying different brands and experimenting with a variety of roasts. I was amazed at the difference I could taste.

And I learned that once you’ve had a great cup of coffee, it’s tough to settle for anything less.

I can’t say I stopped drinking the free coffee at work. The price was right, after all. But I did stop getting so many refills!

coffee beans in jar with spoon

The Quest for Good Coffee

Today’s coffee drinker has more options than ever.

    • Fresh-roasted coffee is readily available from every coffee-growing region of the world.
    • Modern technology has created machines that grind and brew coffee consistently time after time and faster than ever.
    • Coffee clubs will ship exotic roasts directly to your doorstep weekly or monthly.
    • An endless array of gadgets, accessories, and mugs make brewing and enjoying your coffee easier than ever both at home and on the go.

On the one hand, it’s very exciting for us coffee lovers to have so many options.

On the other, all those options can be quite overwhelming!

That’s where A Thing for Coffee can help.

Through informative articles, helpful how-to posts, and insightful product reviews, you’ll discover it’s easier than ever to enjoy the best cup of coffee ever.

But there’s another reason I started this site:


My husband and I just moved from suburban Florida to a remote mountaintop in Tennessee. While I absolutely love our new home and surroundings, I do miss having friends nearby.

When in Florida, I used to make coffee dates with my pals quite regularly. Now, since I can’t physically meet at the corner coffee shop, I thought it would be fun to create a virtual coffee shop where I can still meet up with friends both old and new. I’d be happy to get your request to join us in our Facebook Group called A Thing for Coffee Cafe.

Casual Coffee Fun

Ultimately, A Thing for Coffee is my personal Labor of Love, a place to celebrate the everyday joys of coffee:

  • It’s the wake-up call for a productive work day.
  • It’s the slow savoring on weekend mornings.
  • It’s the laughter shared with family and friends.

So pour yourself a fresh cup and have a look around. At A Thing for Coffee, you’re sipping among friends. And I’m so very glad you’re here!

Coffee Talk

I love to chat with my readers, so ask me your coffee questions, tell me about your favorite coffee moments, suggest a topic you’d like to know more about, or just say hello in the comment section below.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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