Cheri’s Blog – Thoughts Beyond the Coffee Cup

I love coffee.

And I love writing.

But I don’t always love writing just about coffee.

Sometimes I want to share the things I ponder while drinking my coffee. Which could be anything from a book review to an experience I had in a local coffee shop to random observations about life in general and this amazing world we live in. So I decided to create Cheri’s Blog, a little sub-section of A Thing for Coffee where my more personal thoughts and ideas can find home.

Content is King

I’ve been learning through my online website-building training at Wealthy Affiliate that Content is what will make or break a website. And there’s much to know about keywords, SEO, rankings, and so forth that form the foundation of effective website content. I’m slowly getting a handle on all these “technical things” thanks to the both the training modules and the supportive Wealthy Affiliate community.

Along with the importance of keywords and rankings, though, there’s an even bigger lesson to be learned about content. Above all else, content I publish here on my website should bring great value to my readers. Simply stated, this means what I write and post should provide useful, topic-related information that’s easy and (hopefully) enjoyable to read.

I do love coffee, and that’s why I chose it as my “niche” for this site in the first place. It wasn’t because I was a coffee expert, mind you. It was because I thought it would be fun to strive to become a coffee expert.

google analytics on smartphone

And, for the most part, it has been fun. I have followed the training, made lists of “good” keywords, researched the topics, and published numerous articles to date. It’s been a great learning experience, and I am proud of myself each time I share a new post because the creation process is not always easy. In fact, sometimes all that research and writing can all feel a lot like being back in high school English class!

Which, undoubtedly, is why there are days when I would much rather ramble than research.

Step Away from the Keywords and No One Gets Hurt

I created A Thing for Coffee for a number of reasons:

  • As a creative outlet for my writing and, to some extent, my photography
  • As a learning experience in how to build a successful online presence
  • As a way to connect with other coffee lovers
  • As a source, hopefully and eventually, of some passive income

Although I had tried — and failed! — at blogging in the past, I finally felt like I had found the right training program and had the best circumstances in my life for giving it another shot. So far I’m doing pretty good, certainly better than I ever have before, but I’m still searching for that “sweet spot” that feels just right. I want to build a successful website, but I want to feel authentic doing it, too.

What fascinates and inspires me most about bloggers I follow and try to emulate is the wonderful rapport they have with their readers. I can easily imagine how great it must feel to publish a post that gets passed from friends and subscribers to complete strangers who eagerly become your new friends and subscribers. I can imagine how amazing it must feel to write content that gets people thinking, laughing, pondering, or conversing. Creating such “ephemeral magic” would, I realize, constitute the ultimate success for me personally.

Of course I know that all my favorite bloggers use keywords and keep an eye on SEO. They share topical content related to their niche that helps them attract visitors to their sites. But it seems to me they also do more.

It seems to me that the path that leads to their readers’ hearts is paved with much, much more than just great keywords.

Common Grounds

According to Wikipedia, about 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world each and every day.

Think about that for a moment: 2.25 billion cups!

So even though we’re a planet filled with diverse people living in diverse cultures, an astounding number of us literally have this one simple, benign thing in common: we love our coffee.

woman drinking coffee

Sometimes, as I’m brewing my coffee while the sun rises on a new day, I think about the vast number of people who are doing exactly the same thing, perpetually, as the sunrise traverses the globe. No matter how different and distant our lives may be from each other, we have, literally, these “common grounds” (pun definitely intended). Coffee is the elixir that wakes us up and gets us moving into our day. It’s a beverage we share with family, friends, and colleagues alike.

Drinking coffee is a habit, a ritual, and an indulgence worldwide.

On a planet filled with so much fear, distrust, and hatred, I’ll take anything that pulls us together and gives us cause to consider our shared humanity. Even if it’s just a cup of coffee.

That’s the stuff I’d also like to write about!

Practical Magic

Coffee is, of course, a practical commodity. Plants are grown and the seeds (beans) are harvested, processed, and packaged. There are machines that roast, grind, and brew, and there are all kinds of cups, mugs, and accessories for enjoying coffee at home or on the go. Wonderful website-enhancing keywords abound for every aspect of the coffee process.

With over two billion cups consumed daily around the globe, however, coffee is also an interesting human phenomenon that well-researched keywords will never fully encompass. Coffee may be just a beverage, but it’s one that weaves its way through every culture in the world, influencing us physically, psychologically, socially, and economically.

Coffee energizes us, brings us comfort, and brings us together. Somewhere in the process, the practical definitely becomes magical.

My Daily Grind

Some of the best moments of my life have happened over coffee. Before we moved to our rural home in Tennessee, my husband and I used to take lots of “mini dates” to the Starbucks that was just around the corner from our home in Florida. At other times I would meet up with friends or volunteer groups there, and we would spend hours talking, laughing, and planning.

I never much cared for Pumpkin Spice, but I was always very happy when Eggnog Lattes made their annual appearance!

coffee cup with smartphone pen and pink notepad

Like a lot of people, I use my morning “coffee time” to help me ease into the day. I used to work crosswords while I sipped, but now, since a smartphone has replaced my daily newspaper, I check on the weather forecast, read my emails, or take my turns in Words with Friends. On a nice day, I will drink my coffee outside on the porch where I can enjoy the singing of the birds and the breeze through the trees.

All of which sounds rather idyllic. Because, honestly, it is. My morning coffee helps me appreciate the simpler pleasures in my life, and that makes even the toughest days that much better.

Talking Over Coffee

Here on the blog roll, I plan to share some of life’s “simple pleasures” with you. Like, for instance, all these cool Adult Coloring Books about Coffee I recently discovered. Or the discoveries I’ve made about coffee’s more quirky side that I shared in Strange Coffee Facts – 12 Things You Never Knew About Your Daily Brew. If it’s uplifting, inspiring, and/or humorous, I will consider it “ramble worthy” even if the topic isn’t particularly keyword-friendly.

Because, let’s face it, while there is so much we can discuss about coffee, but there is so much more we can talk about over coffee!

There’s a Group for That!

In the spirit of conversing, I’ve set up a Facebook group coffee-lovers to gather to share their coffee adventures, laugh over funny memes, and make new friends. We’d love to have you join us at the A Thing for Coffee Cafe.

women laughing over coffee

Thanks for reading! If there’s something you’d like for us to chat about, please let me know in the comments below, because the best part of doing all this is hearing from you!






  1. Cheri,

    You are un-freaking-believable! This blog post resonates with me like no other! I had to pause part way through just to breathe.

    I have not given much thought to the concept of reincarnation but after reading this post I am convinced that we must have been conjoined twins in a previous life–joined at the heart.

    I think there’s much more “value” in an article that touches a heart than in one that feeds our brains. Knowledge is wonderful but connection feeds life.

    You know how I feel about keywords and research and all the “technical stuff” and it makes me so happy to know that I’m not the only one struggling with that.

    This piece of writing was very skillfully done! I love your clever headings and how you somehow managed to stay on topic even as you strayed.

    I hope you find many “ramble worthy” topics and next time I will know that when I check in at your blog, I should come prepared to linger in a comfy chair with a fresh cup of coffee and savor the moment.

    Until then, I will look forward to seeing you at A Thing for Coffee Cafe. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments, Theresa. I had the feeling this post would “hit home” for you, and I’m glad you found it enjoyable. And if you liked this, then you should check out the other “odd” articles on the blog roll. Even though the holiday season is past, I think you might like the sentiment of this post: Mostly I’m glad that you now realize A Thing for Coffee is made exactly for lingering…with a cup of coffee, of course! Remember, it’s not procrastinating…it’s procaffeinating! haha I’m so glad you’re a frequent visitor in the Cafe, and I will definitely see you there.

  2. Constance Curtis

    Hi Cheri I finally made it to A Thing for Coffee. I liked reading your articles, I’m not a fan of Pumpkin spice either but the Eggnog Latte sounds so yummy!

    • I’m so glad you had a chance to visit my site, Connie. I only managed to enjoy one eggnog latte before the season passed. If you’ve never tried one, I highly recommend you do so next holiday season. If you like eggnog and coffee, you will enjoy it! Thank you for commenting. I hope you’ll visit again and say hello when you do. Have a great 2019!

  3. Marlene Ross

    Hi Cheri….thank you for sharing this beautiful and very informative site of yours. I look forward to reading many more entries.

    • Thank you so much for visiting and commenting, Marlene. Creating this site has been a joyful experience for me, and I hope my passion comes through to anyone who reads my posts. I hope you’ll find the articles here both informative and fun. Enjoy!

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