Best Irish Coffee Recipes – Two That’ll Do

Irish Coffee

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching. That means it’s the perfect time for us coffee lovers to transform our favorite beverage into a celebratory concoction. We’re referring, of course, to Irish Coffee! If you haven’t made Irish Coffee at home before, never fear! We’ve gone in search of the best Irish Coffee recipes to share … [Read more…]

Coffee and Reading – A Cup of Friendship Book Review

A Cup of Friendship novel

I live in a rural area, in the mountains of Tennessee, and the local county library is quite small. So when I recently searched there for a coffee-themed novel to read for fun, I honestly did not expect to find anything. But, to my surprise, the results came back listing a novel called A Cup … [Read more…]

Simple Holiday Wishes – Special Coffee Moments to Savor

mug with holiday lights and candle

It’s a crazy-busy time of year for most of us. November seems to pick up steam, and then BAM! December hits. On top of our already too-busy lives, we add decorating, shopping, baking, wrapping, and attending festive events and gatherings to the mix. By the time Christmas rolls around, most of us feel like we … [Read more…]

Cheri’s Blog – Thoughts Beyond the Coffee Cup

steaming red coffee mug

I love coffee. And I love writing. But I don’t always love writing just about coffee. Sometimes I want to share the things I ponder while drinking my coffee. Which could be anything from a book review to an experience I had in a local coffee shop to random observations about life in general and … [Read more…]