Adult Coloring Books About Coffee — Create While You Caffeinate!

As a child, I loved to color. Few things made me happier than a new coloring book. And there was something wonderful about the smell of a freshly-opened box of crayons. As an adult, I greatly prefer the smell of a freshly-opened package of coffee to a box of crayons, but I was still quite happy when coloring books for adults came into vogue a few years back.

Recently, while savoring my coffee on a slow Saturday morning and coloring in one of my garden-related coloring books, I started to wonder: are there adult coloring books about coffee? I was delighted to discover that the answer is a very big YES! There are actually quite a lot of adult coloring books about coffee. And, for coffee lovers like us, they are beautiful things indeed!

Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

Of course my inner child is jumping up and down with joy over the sheer fun of coffee-themed coloring books. I’m not much good at drawing or painting, so coloring provides a simple way for me to create something that’s passably pretty despite my minimal artistic talent. There’s definitely a sense of “creative accomplishment” that comes with finishing a coloring page.

But there’s actually more to coloring than just the fun of being creative. Believe it or not, our adult brains benefit from time spent coloring. Though some may think it’s a silly, perhaps even a childish, pastime, research has shown that coloring is a terrific stress-buster for most people.

serene coloring image

A November 2015 article published by The Brain and Spine Team of the Cleveland Clinic succinctly explains why time spent with a coloring book aids or well-being and sense of calm. The simple act of turning our attention to the task at hand — coloring — brings us into the present moment and quiets our thoughts. The quieting of our thoughts induces a mild meditative state that relaxes both our brains and our bodies.

What’s more, coloring is a “low-stakes” activity. There is no “right or wrong” way for it to be done. Nor do we have to be concerned about making mistakes or how long coloring any particular picture may take. Coloring is a simple creative process we get to fully control, and whether the final colored image pleases us or not really doesn’t matter much at all.

With coloring, the joy and benefit truly is in the process itself.

Designs Matter

In 2015, Nancy Curry and Tim Kasser of Knox College in Illinois conducted a study that examined how different coloring-related activities affected stress reduction in study participants. They mandala drawingcompared results between those who colored on blank paper, others who colored a plaid (grid-like) design, and those who worked on a symmetrical mandala form. Ultimately it was the group of participants given the mandala who showed the most positive changes in stress levels. The study concluded that “…structured coloring of a reasonably complex geometric pattern may induce a meditative state that benefits people suffering from anxiety.”

This does not mean, however, that everyone will find the same types of coloring patterns enjoyable or relaxing. We already know that the kind of coffee each of us prefers is highly subjective. The kind of designs we find fun to color are absolutely no different. Everyone has their own favorite style.

Some people enjoy coloring complex designs with intricate details that require steadfast attention and take hours to complete. Others find such designs nothing short of torturous. These creatives prefer simpler, less-detailed coloring books where each design can be easily completed in one sitting.

Whichever type of colorer you are, I’m happy to share that there is an adult coloring book about coffee that will suit your tastes perfectly, just like your favorite coffee roast. So let’s explore!

Simple Designs*

Coffee and Coloring! But First…Coffee. by Scott Cuzo

Anyone who loves simple, easy-to-color designs will enjoy this coffee coloring book that’s part of the artist’s Spry Mind series. It contains 120 pages that are a mix of images and quotes all about coffee. This book is also slightly smaller (5.5″ x 8.5″) than most coloring books, which makes it quite easy to tuck in a bag to carry along to enjoy on a lunch break or at the local coffee shop.

Adult Coloring Books – Coffee Lovers (Vol. 16) by Beth Ingrias

This book is filled with 30 unique designs that incorporate both images and words. Although some individual areas are quite detailed, each page, overall, is kept fairly simple. The pages are a full 8.5″ x 11″ and are printed on one side only so colors will not bleed through as you work.

Coffee Time: A Coffee Lover’s Coloring Book by Rachel Jones

This delightful coloring book offers up 30 one-sided, 8.5″x11″ pages of coffee whimsy. The larger designs fill the pages with images and words to provide hours of coloring fun. Best enjoyed while sipping coffee, of course.

Complex Designs*

Coloring for Coffee Lovers – A Caffeine-Loaded Coloring Book for Adults by Menucha Citron Ceder

This lovely coloring book will treat you to 24 hand-drawn images that are 8.5″x11″ in size. With its mix of quick-to-color images and more intricately-detailed designs, Coloring for Coffee Lovers provides a great mix of challenge and simplicity. The pages are one-sided, and there is even an extra blank page that can be torn out and used as a “spacer” to ensure colors don’t bleed through from one design to another. There’s an additional bonus of 4 “coffee date” cards you can color and use to invite your friends to have coffee. You’ll need an extra cup of coffee to keep up with everything that’s going on in this adult coloring book!

Coffee Lover’s Coloring Book: A Totally Relatable Book of 40 Funny Coffee Quotes by Adult Coloring World

This clever book makes use of an amusing — and, yes, relatable! — coffee quote as the center point of each coloring page. Surrounding each saying is an intricately-detailed “frame” that will provide hours of coloring fun. As the title indicates, there are 40 pages, 8″x10″ in size, and all one-sided for easy coloring with no bleed-through. There are also three “color test” pages as a bonus.

The Adult Coloring Book for Coffee Lovers – A Meditation and Stress Relief Coloring Book for Grown-Ups by Penelope Pewter

This beautiful coloring book will enthrall lovers of intricate designs. It is only 8.5″x8.5″ square, but don’t let the size fool you: this coffee coloring book is packed with densely detailed images. What’s more, all the coloring pages in this 58-page book are not only single-sided but have a black backing to help prevent against bleeding. Clever! Undoubtedly it would pair nicely with a luscious cup of black coffee.

Dream Bean by School Datebooks

The Dream Bean is much more than just a coloring book. It’s an 8″x11″ spiral-bound compendium of coffee quotes, coffee recipes, and blank pages for note-taking/doodling that also happens to include over 50 whimsical, beautifully-detailed pages for coloring. The binding means it lays completely flat for coloring, writing, and recipe-reading ease. The laminate cover makes it durable enough to take along for coffee shop lattes, too. This would make a unique gift for anyone you know who loves coffee and coloring. But let’s be honest…we all want Dream Bean so we can try that Iced Mocha Cola or Chocolate Tangerine Coffee Cooler recipe. Yum!

Choosing Your Colors*

Once you have decided on your coloring book(s), you’ll need tools with which to color. Crayons can be used, of course, but most adults prefer coloring implements that are, well, a little more grown up. Crayons, after all, are made for kids, and they don’t sharpen to a fine enough point to work well in most adult coloring books. Colored pencils, gel pens, and markers all make better choices.

When choosing your coloring tools, you’ll want to keep in mind the type of coloring you most prefer. If you enjoy simpler, less-detailed designs, you’ll probably be fine with an assortment of basic colors. A package of 24 pencils, pens, or markers will likely provide you with all the options you need to create stunning finished images.

If you like to work highly detailed coloring pages, however, you will undoubtedly be happier with a more expansive array of color choices. Sets of 50+ pencils, pens, or markers will be better suited to your intricate creative efforts. The range of subtle shades found in larger sets of coloring implements will make your pictures truly come alive on the page.

But which should you choose: pencils, gel pens, or markers? Once again, the choice will come down to personal preference. Below is a brief description of each, but, of course, you don’t have to choose just one!

Colored Pencils

Colored pencils are a great choice for adult coloring books. They don’t leak so can be safely and easily carried in a purse, backpack, or tote bag. They don’t bleed through the coloring pages, nor do they run dry if left unused for a while.

Pencils also allow for expanded creativity in your coloring. Various shades can be produced simply by varying the pressure of the pencil on coloring page, and entirely new colors and shadings can be created simply by coloring one shade over another within any design element on a page.

Pencils do need to be sharpened periodically, however, so if you opt for colored pencils for your adult coloring fun, don’t forget to get yourself a good-quality sharpener, too.

Gel Pens

Gel pens can add great fun to your coloring efforts because they come in an astounding array of colors and “effects”…everything from neon to glitter to metallic. The fine points are also ideal for intricate designs, but coloring larger areas can become tedious.

Gel pens are more likely to bleed through the pages of your coloring book, so care needs to be taken when working with them. They also run out of ink rather quickly, so if you are an avid colorer, you may need to replace them quite frequently.

Gel pens don’t allow for subtle shading like colored pencils, there’s nothing quite like them for creating jump-off-the-page vibrancy in your finished pieces.


The great thing about markers is that they come with both wide and fine tips, making them ideal for all types of adult coloring projects from the simplest to the most intricate. Some sets even provide the convenience of a different tip size on each end of the same colored marker.

Markers are even worse than gel pens, however, at leaking through your coloring pages and are definitely not the best choice for two-sided designs.

Markers also don’t provide the same shading/mixing options as colored pencils but, like gel pens, they do create stunningly bold finished pictures.

Coloring Tips

Once you’ve got your coloring book and your pencils, pens, and/or markers in hand, it’s time to relax and enjoy some coloring. Here are a few tips to help you have the best coloring experience possible:

  • Choose a sturdy, flat surface like a dining table or desktop to color on for maximum stability and control while coloring.
  • Color with adequate lighting to ensure all the details in the designs are easy to see.
  • Place a few pieces of plain white paper or thin cardboard behind the design you are coloring to prevent pencil indentations or ink seepage on the next coloring page in the book.
  • If the coloring book doesn’t lay completely flat, you might wish to carefully remove the pages before you color them.
  • Enjoy your finished coloring projects by framing them for display around your home or office; or write a letter on the blank page behind your image (if there is one) and surprise a loved one with your beautiful creation.

Caffeinate and Create!

Now that we know there are so many great adult coloring books about coffee from which to choose, we’ve got the perfect excuse to pour an extra cup (or two!) and linger a little longer over our favorite brew. I hope I’ve inspired you to pick up a coloring book (or two!) for yourself (or a friend!) and have some creative fun while savoring your favorite beverage. After all, life is short.

So drink more coffee.

Create more beauty.

And enjoy the moment.colored pencils in coffee mug

I’m curious… Have you given the adult coloring book craze a try? If so, do you find it’s an activity that relaxes you? I’d love to hear about your experience, so please leave me a comment below. Happy coloring and caffeinating!





  1. Betty Bard

    Cheri, I loved this article, and I’m happy to say that you helped me with some Christmas shopping! You found some very interesting coloring books to go with our coffee. I love this new venture of yours – hope it works out well for you.

    • Betty I’m so glad you found the article helpful. Coloring books do make fun gifts…for ourselves as well as others! 😉 Thank you for your kind words. I so appreciate your support. Happy Holidays!

  2. Aly

    Thanks for the very interesting and unique article , usually anyone would think coloring is only for kids and to find out adult coloring books about coffee made the idea so cool , i will try it for sure . also i thought it would be really nice gift 

    Would you recommend which coloring book to start with ? Thanks in Advance 

    • Cheri

      Aly I totally get what you’re saying — I think the coffee coloring books are particularly cool, too! 

      As for recommendations, I personally like Penelope Pewter’s “The Adult Coloring Book for Coffee Lovers,” but that’s because I do enjoy more complex designs. “Coffee Time” by Rachel Jones also offers some really great designs I’m partial to. It’s really kind of a personal thing based on what images work for you, and most online descriptions offer at least a few sample images so you’ll have an idea what you’re getting before you order (I tend to shy away from those that won’t give me a sneak peek, but some people might enjoy being surprised lol).

      I hope that helps a little. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Happy coloring!


  3. Glen Barnhardt

    As an adult with children I remember when the kids colored that I always wanted to do a page in there book because I knew I could do a really good job and felt my kids could benefit from seeing how I stayed in the lines and my choices of colors.

    While coloring everything else seems to disappear and the inner creative comes out. I love to color because it gives a sense of achievement when you see the finished product.

    I’m also a coffee lover. I don’t think I know many who don’t enjoy there coffee. What better way to spend some free time than sipping on some coffee and coloring. 

    I can’t think of any reason not to do some colorful coffee prints. Us coffee lovers always buy mugs, signs, and other artsy things to display about coffee why not hang up our own coloring book pictures.

    • Cheri

      I agree, Glen, that everything else seems to disappear when we are in a creative mode, and coloring books, I think, make entering that creative mode easier than ever. One doesn’t need an particular artistic talent to end up with a beautiful finished design. 

      Personally I have enjoyed both coffee and grown-up coloring books for a long time, but it was only in the past week that the light bulb turned on and I discovered that joining the two activities — drinking a great cup of coffee while relaxing with some creative coloring — made for a nice “mini-retreat” on slow mornings. I hope my article will inspire others to give the pairing a try.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and recollections. I appreciate it! 


  4. Nuttanee

    Who doesn’t like coloring and coffee? Lol I am in love with them. Somehow I never put the 2 together, you are A genius! The smell of coffee brings me back of many good memories, especially when I was on trips and woke up to this wonderful smell at a hotel breakfast. As for coloring, I always love it. I remembered when I was depressed, got laid off from the corporate job. The wait for a good job and the interviews were excruciating. The coloring books helped me through the difficult time actually. 

    I will add these coloring books abd some markers to my collection. 🙂


    • Cheri

      I have never considered myself a genius, but you are the second person to tell me I am one for putting coffee and coloring books together! haha  I love how many of us have great memories with both the smell of coffee and the joy of coloring. I’m so sorry you went through such a rough time after being laid off, but your comment is added proof that coloring is, indeed, an anxiety-reducing activity. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments. I very much appreciate them. Enjoy your coffee and happy coloring!

  5. Beauty In A Maze

    I think it’s interesting how popular adult coloring books have become, especially since a lot of us got bored with coloring as kids after a while. I’ve always thought coloring books should have had more complex designs because it really teaches you patience and focus while allowing you to be creative.

    • Cheri

      I, too, think it’s interesting that coloring books for adults have become such a “thing” in the past few years. Personally I enjoy more complex design that, as you say, help us hone our focus and patience. That said, I’m glad there are also simpler, less-detailed options available for people who find themselves frustrated by too much detail or don’t have the motor skills to deal with them (like my mother after her stroke). Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  6. Lori

    Agree with you on needing some creative outlet to thrive. Loved scrapbooking my photos since my kids were babies as my art, along with gardening, photography- need to get back to prioritizing those again. Haven’t tried any coloring yet, looking forward to it

    • I have to admit that coloring felt a little “silly” at first, but I have grown to enjoy it a lot, and for the exact reasons the studies concluded: it requires just enough attention to “calm” the mind yet the outcome is of no real consequence, so there’s no “right or wrong” like in some of my other creative pursuits (like cross stitching and photography). I hope you’ll give coloring a try and let me know what you think, Lori!

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