Coffee Themed Christmas Ornaments – Ideal Gifts for the Coffee Lovers on Your List

‘Tis the season to deck the halls, adorn a tree, and keep cozy with plenty of hot coffee. It’s also the season when many of us need to find that perfect little host/hostess gift or a special surprise for teachers, co-workers, Secret Santa exchanges, and our favorite service personnel (think mail deliverer, hair stylist, bank tellers, etc.). Since coffee is the most-enjoyed beverage on the planet, it’s a fair guess that some, if not all, of these recipients will be fellow coffee lovers. And that means coffee themed Christmas ornaments make an ideal, budget-friendly gift!

Honestly, I had no idea there were so many coffee-related ornaments available from which to choose. Whether you need a gift that’s feminine or masculine, classy or silly, there’s a perfect option available. Check out the categories below to see what I mean.

Cute as a Button Coffee Bean

Few things are quite as cute as snowmen, except maybe the S’More themed ornaments. Both will melt your heart — and the heart of whoever receives these ornaments that are both adorable and humorous.

Get Wired

For those who love snowmen and their caffeine buzz, the “Get Wired” ornament provides total cuteness overload. This Department 56 Snowpinion decoration is made of porcelain and measures just over 3 inches tall. It’s sure to provide some giggles without any jitters.


But First, Coffee

Unlike its “wired” counterpart shown above, this Department 56 Snowpinion ornament catches a sleepy-eyed snowman just before that first sip of coffee. This 3-inch ornament is also crafted of porcelain and is topped with a holiday-red knit cap for coziness. This little snowman is sure to be a hit with anyone who needs to hit the coffee pot before they hit the day!


S’Mores Coffee!

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I love s’mores almost as much as I love coffee. And I also love the S’more line of ornaments. They are a bit heavier and sturdier than a lot of other ornaments. Plus the flat “graham cracker” base means they can sit on a desk or table-top as well as hang on the tree. This particular cutie, with a coffee cup nearly as big as his double-marshmallow self, measures 4x4x4 inches and makes a great addition to any coffee lover’s holiday decor collection!


Classic Caffeination

If you’re after a little gift that’s more classic and classy than cutesy, there are some lovely coffee-themed ornaments that will provide the perfect solution. These Old World Christmas beauties are hand-crafted of blown glass and hand-painted. They are colorful and festive yet still tasteful and refined. Kind of like a cup of freshly-brewed gourmet coffee.

Coffee To Go

The traditional to-go coffee cup gets a sparkling upgrade in this lovely 3.5 inch tall blown glass ornament. The touches of gold and glitter will make our real-life to-go coffee cups jealous! This ornament will add a bit of classy bling to any Christmas tree.


Coffee Pot

Drip coffee maker pots have never looked better than as depicted in this adorable 3.5 inch Old World Christmas rendering. Once again the shimmering blown glass is carefully hand-painted and trimmed with an extra bit of sparkle. With this delightful ornament, there will always be a coffee pot full to the brim during the holiday season.


Espresso Machine

For the lover of specialty coffee, Old World Christmas offers up a truly unique ornament in their lovely Espresso Machine. This one measures just under 3 inches at its widest point but is filled with amazing details nonetheless. From the grate on the back of the “machine” to the intricate dials and adorable double espresso cuts, this little ornament is something to behold. A bit of glitter provides that extra bit of holiday sparkle. This is definitely one of my top picks for gift-giving!


Perk-etly Acceptable for Work

Of course there are no-fuss, no-worry coffee-themed ornaments acceptable for gift-giving at the office. Some would even make for fun year-round decor suspended on a desk lamp, the corner of a computer monitor, or tacked to a cork board. Of course they make for fun Christmas tree decorating, too!

No Coffee No Workee

This humorous 4 inch x 2 inch ornament pokes fun at the need many of us have for the magic elixir that helps us be our most productive. With it’s clipboard-styled placard and traditional office-style drip coffee pot, it represents the work place simply but succinctly. Those of us who hit the coffee pot first, we totally get it!


But First, Coffee

This charming 3.5 inch by 4 inch ornament again gives the nod to that ever-important need for coffee before work. The unique styling and variety of finishes make this an exceptionally elegant choice. The gold adds shimmer for the holidays, but this ornament would make great decor year-round.


Happiness is a Cup of Coffee

This design is simple but effective. At 3.75 inches tall, this ornament is especially well-suited for Secret Santa exchanges where the future recipient is unknown. It’s an ideal ornament for men or women, and, while it can, of course, be used to decorate a Christmas tree, it also makes a delightful year-round office decoration.


Extra Special Lattes

These ornaments are absolutely ideal for those extra-special people in your life with whom you “don’t really exchange gifts” but still wish to gift with a little holiday joy.

Powered By Caffeine and Friends

This cute Hallmark to-go cup ornament pays tribute to the two things that get us through our days: good coffee and good friends! At just under 3 inches tall, the ornament may be small, but the sentiment is huge. Besides being a great gift on its own, it also makes a cute stocking stuffer or adorable add-on to the ribbon of a wrapped gift.


Coffee is Better with a Friend

This Hallmark ornament is the perfect gift for your very best coffee friend. Measuring 3.44 inches across, this resin ornament is both festive and touching. The red and green cups are, of course, perfect for the holiday season, but this is truly a gift that could be enjoyed year round. The “foamy heart” in the top of each cup clearly expresses the intended affection to its recipient. Which, of course, they truly deserve, because coffee really is better when shared with a friend!


I Love You a Latte

For the coffee lover who is more than a friend — whether it be a significant other, a sibling, or another dear family member — this 7-inch-wide ornament makes an adorable stocking stuffer, gift box adornment, or small gift in and of itself. It also makes an excellent anniversary or “First Christmas Together” gift for a loving couple. It can be personalized, too, which is wonderful, but do be aware this will add extra time to the delivery process. Even without personalization, though, this is one coffee-themed ornament that will surely be treasured for years to come.


Coffee Trimmings for Every Taste

The best thing about giving the coffee-lovers on your list a coffee-themed ornament is that you know they’ll love it! There’s no worry about what kind of coffee they like best or how they go about brewing it. A festive ornament adds fun to anyone’s holiday, and it’s a thoughtful gift that will rekindle special memories for the recipient year after year.

Happy caffeinating and happy holidays!

red latte and pine cones

Do you have a special coffee-related holiday ornament? I have several, and they are each quite special to me. I’d love to hear about yours in the comments below!